Finished Drafts

I have been working away like a maniac on finishing a draft of my new novel. It is strange to say that it is a first or a second or third draft, as I rewrite and revise constantly while I am writing. It is however the first time that I have put it all together and it can be read, completed from start to finish and that is an exhilarating and terrifying thing!!

I finished this weekend and when I was done, I felt like I had pulled an all-nighter, the kind where you have had so much coffee to drink that your head is buzzing and you are exhausted. Too exhausted to sleep. It's a feeling that has been a pretty constant one in the process of writing this book. It has been demanding and difficult and really challenged me as a storyteller, and I am so thrilled that it is finally all coming together.

Yesterday, I crept around the apartment as my husband read my manuscript. He was reading it in 100 page chunks, and then we would talk about it, which I loved. But last night he plowed through the last 150 pages and I was on pins and needles, anxiously waiting to hear what he thought and if it worked. I hoped he liked it, I hoped he thought it made sense, I hoped, I hoped, I hoped.... And he did.

When he finished the last page and fell back on the couch exhausted, I felt overjoyed, that it wasn't just me who found this book to be an emotional marathon, but my reader as well. That's what I hope for as a writer, that what I have been working to communicate comes through and that the experience of reading it, is just as rich as the experience of writing it.

Now it is time for some more gentle revisions and then I will send it off to a dear friend to comb through and my pages and get tough on them. Then more rewrites. But I am so close, and I am just thrilled. Thrilled, and exhausted and wide awake, all at the same time.


lynn @ the actors diet said...

congrats to you! now sleep.

Anna said...

Congratulations! Wow you must be so excited. Can not wait to read both books!
Hugs to all

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