I'm Back...

...And I could sleep for a week!! I came back to these two faces, which made saying goodbye to my friends and family a little easier.

It was a great visit with family and friends and it was hot!! Toronto was experiencing a heat wave, and lots of humidity, which meant that my hair was both wilted and frizzy and I was sweaty and often sunburned, no matter how much sunscreen I applied. My feet were covered in blisters from all the glorious walking that I did, and my vocabulary expanded to include many new ways of saying poop, butt and fart, thanks to my playmates in the under 7 crowd, (my niece and nephew) and I fell into bed every night exhausted and happy. I had forgotten what summer with little people was like; parks, activities, fun fairs and ice cream!! My Mom and Dad took me for gelato one night to "Hollywood Gelato", which made me laugh, but it is the best Gelateria in the city and the line up out the door proved it!! I had a small serving, which included 3 scoops and the Coconut Cream Pie, was my favorite!!

It was a week of eating, and playing, and loving...and a much needed reward for finishing my second novel a year ahead of schedule!! Now it is back to auditions, looking for freelance, planning a new project and a hosting my mother-in-law. Easing back into more work, with a little play along the way.

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lynn @ the actors diet said...

welcome back! i always get a coconut flavor whenever i have gelato (like i did when i was in italy - a habit, i guess) but coconut cream pie i have never seen!

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