Loving the Lacma all summer long...

I actually love the Lacma all year long, but I especially love it in the summer when I am able to attend all the free outdoor concerts that they have! Right now Lacma is offering great jazz concerts on Friday. They have a special bar and a taco stand, or you can bring a picnic and sit on the grass, or if you like your jazz straight up you can sit right up close to the musicians and listen to them play for two hours straight. I went last Friday and it was heavenly. All kinds of music lovers, all ages, all enjoying great jazz outside on a hot Los Angeles night.

As if this wasn't enough, Lacma is also offering Latin music and dance on Saturdays! I have yet to check it out, but from what I have heard adults and children gather outside and practice their salsa moves as the sun goes down. All of this for the price...of parking.

Check it out!!

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