Losing oneself in a book....

My writing brain is at a standstill. I mean, I am still collaborating and doing freelance, so yes I am still writing, but my own novel-dreaming-what-will-I-write-next-brain, has gone to sleep amidst the sound of loud buzzing white noise. There is nothing but static between my ears and when I think of what new novel to write next, only one line appears at the front of my brain and that line leads...to nowhere. This is the way it goes for me. A line, a phrase, a half formulated thought, will swirl and spin, until after much daydreaming and angsting, it will grow...into an idea. It takes time, and in the meantime I try and to stay inspired and not too grouchy.

Harder said than done.

One thing that helps is immersing myself in the world of someone else. Right now I am deep into the world of Lisbeth Salander the unlikely anti-heroine in the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series by Stieg Larson. I adore losing myself in a book, and not just because it is a welcome escape from my own reality, but because it is an insight into how another writer sees the world, crafts his/her sentences, portrays their characters and weaves complicated narratives. I lose myself, and then I go back and see how the author made that happen. And all the while, I trust that the little sentence that swirls in my brain, is slowly growing into a paragraph, all on its own.

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