Summer Reading List!

The rows in this vineyard remind me of the rows of books in a bookstore...both yield delicious results. Although while my wine supply has gone down, my supply of books has continued to increase! I try not to read the works of other fiction writers when I am working, but that doesn't mean that I stop buying books. I buy them and put them on my shelf in my office, on my dresser, in the bookcase, in a stack next to bed, and wait until I have time to read them. Well that time has come!

First up on my summer reading list is the Stieg Larsson trilogy, Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked a Hornet's nest. These books are long, with many characters and plot points and they are the kind of books that keep you up at night long past bedtime. I have read the first two, finishing the second one this morning after staying up all night reading and will start the third one tonight. (I have work to do first!) After these, I will continue reading my former prof and friend, Robert Eversz's Nina Zero series. Both these novelists feature great unlikely female protagonists. While the late Larsson's world is that of a cold and stern Sweden, Eversz's is set in a sunny film noir L.A. landscape, with smart dialogue and great stories and a kick ass heroine. I love that there are men writing these amazing female leads, and I love that nobody dares call them "Women Fiction" writers because of it. I can't wait until the same is said of women who write fiction with female protagonists!

But I digress. Also on the list, Holly LeCraw's The Swimming Pool, a couple of award winning British debut authors, including Rebecca Gower's, When to Walk, and fellow Canadian Douglas Coupland's new book, Generation A. And there are more...the list does go on... and on. I will read as many as I can, until my own novel, that is now no more than a seed, starts to grow, and then out of fear of cross pollination with other authors, I will stop reading and spend more time listening. But until then...into the pages I go!

What about you? What is on your reading list?


Grand Pooba said...

I hurd da reedin' can make ya smartur!

Gina Sorell said...

I laugh only because I know you are a compulsive reader Grand Pooba!! And a comedian too :)

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