6 week deadline...

Another week begins as does another writing project! My last screenwriting project got shelved last week, but there was no time to dwell on it as I decided to just keep on writing! Once I was in the groove, why stop? I am loving learning so much about screenwriting and how different it is from my usual novel writing and how the two can really help each other. I am also loving the challenge of trying to sum up entire stories in a single logline. Not easy. I prefer 300 pages to get my point across!

But screenplays adhere to a pretty set schedule and it is one that we have come to intuitively expect when watching movies. My own schedule for this screenplay is pretty tight too...6 weeks from start to finish, which means I will be eating, sleeping, dreaming writing...bliss! This is the perfect way to spend the rest of my summer and transition into fall. And it will make my mid October trip to NYC seem even sweeter!!

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lynn said...

how wonderful to have a deadline and "know" what your next six weeks will look like...good luck!

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