My mind is a blender...

That's my brain in there! A gaggle of ingredients that hopefully will make something delicious and greater than the sum of its parts. I am guessing by this picture that the end result is salsa...yum.

Right now, I am beyond swamped. I have a naming project with a super speedy turn around, a novel that I am revising, a screenplay that I am outlining and every week, I think...already? Another week over so quickly?

As I have written in the past, when things get super hectic for me, I turn to my cookbooks for comfort. Lately, I have really been into my vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and have been frustrated that almost all of the recipes call for a food processor! So I did what any sensible, deadline challenged writer would do...I wasted time on line looking for one, and then I bought it...on sale from Amazon. I got the one you see here. It came in two days, and that is how long it has been in the box. I haven't even had time to open it!

But all that is going to change. I am taking Sunday off, going to the Farmers Market and cooking for some friends. I will be blending and processing and yes, shaking a martini mixer too, and enjoying one of the last days of summer.

In the meantime, the blending and mixing and cooking in my brain will have to take priority...let's hope that the final product is something glorious!

Any favorite recipe books for me to read at night? Let me know!


lynn said...

i love deborah madison's "vegetarian cooking for everyone" - informative and easy and accessible. and delicious!

Grand Pooba said...

anything by "Moosewood". Delicious!

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