Amazing Authors...Who are yours?

It's Tuesday, and today I am going to ask you dear reader who your amazing authors are and why. Who keeps you up at night, who makes you yearn to call in sick, miss work, cancel plans, ignore your phone and hole up with a great book?

What book have you read lately, that had you missing the characters the second you read the last line, had you dreaming of what they would be doing now, if the author could only have written more about them.

I've made my way through all of Stieg Larson's Girl With A Dragon Tattoo books this summer, and I miss Lisbeth and Blomqvist and have even gone to see the Swedish movies in an effort to hold onto my radical friends a little bit longer.

Now I am keeping company with Nina Zero, the kick ass heroine of my friend Robert Eversz's series. I am finishing up Killing Paparazzi and thankfully have two more to enjoy. Check out what Nina is up to at her website. And please share your favorites...a good book is one that should be recommended!

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Grand Pooba said...

Crazy for Larson's works and miss them terribly.
Just started "Generation A" by Coupland and am loving it!
Of course I snuck in a Michael Connelly in between just to stay true to my insatiable pulp addiction!

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