Friday already?

It has been a whirlwind of a week! I finished my revisions on my novel and sent them out for feedback. I really hope that they were successful, and are received well. I liked my revisions, but after a month of staring at the same pages and areas that needed improving, and then writing reams of material that I decided to scrap at the 11th hour because it felt redundant and too obvious, in favor of many little changes and subtle reveals of information, I welcome an outside set of eyes. I also re-ordered the entire opening of the book, wrote new material for secondary characters, and changed scenes that were in a third person p.o.v. to a first person p.o.v. It was a lot of work, and countless hours, but in the end the changes felt subtle and seamless and a natural part of the novel. I will wait and see what my feedback is, and if more changes are needed...I will make them!

Also this week, I hammered out my script outline and it too is being read and critiqued, and if all goes well, it will go to script this weekend. This whole process of outlining has been fascinating to me, it is completely opposite to my approach of novel writing. If this were a novel I would've started with one of the images, or themes that is driving the film and just gone for it, and sure, I would've gotten stuck at some point and had to start outlining, but not like this. And I have to say, I kind of love spending so much time, months, on an outline, as now I know what I am going to be writing! No more days ahead mired in the quagmire of sticky middles, or loose threads, just write what I have outlined! Brilliant!

And as always happens, when I am this busy, I cook! This week, there were stews, homemade veggie burgers and scones. The burgers, are the best veggie burgers I have ever tasted anywhere, and are from my one of my all time favorite restaurants in Toronto, Fresh, and available in this cookbook. And the scones, are vegan, low fat and delicious, and are from the Post Punk Kitchen's first cookbook, Vegan With A Vengeance. Check them out! And Happy Friday!!

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