Staying motivated...

So I have two projects, one I am waiting for feedback on, and the other I am working on and yet all I want to do is eat! It is getting colder out, which I love, and I am working on tricky stuff which makes me cook...it is a great way to clear my head, but with all that good cooking, comes good cravings! Alas, at least I am a healthy cook! These raspberry scones are Vegan and sweetened with Stevia.

Being self employed, means constantly motivating oneself, and for me, finding new ways to reward and bribe myself to turn out those pages!

Today's goal...3 new script pages, and 2 new novel pages...total pages so far...ZERO. Scones eaten, 1. Time to get back at it!

How do you motivate/bribe yourself to work?


lynn said...

i definitely bribe myself with food!

Unknown said...

Hey G, I use it all against my lazy self - guilt, manipulation, trickery, bribes, praise... did I mention guilt?

But lately I've been using the Pomodoro technique, it's better than them all (no, I don't get a cut, it's all free free free)... it boils down to a new way of looking at time and time usage, for me anyway. It has revolutionized my daily routine, I am now a Pomodoro zealout!

Anyway, check it out if you want, there's a free VERY SHORT AND EASY ebook on the site, it takes about a half hour to learn it, then you can fiddle with it, and there's an iphone app, oh, I'm going on and on, and it's about to RING... gotta go! cya!


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