I had a great visit with my sister and brother in-law over labor day weekend, and there was much eating and loving and playing! As it was a visit during a really busy time, we decided that we would do things around the city. Highlights were the outdoor screenings at Hollyhock House and watching 500 Days of Summer on the lawn, and tasting local wines and beers. The delicious "Don Draper" ice cream flavor of vanilla, bourbon, smoke and caramel provided by the Lake View Creamery truck was a highlight too!

There were also bike rides on the Santa Monica boardwalk, strolls along Abbott Kinney, hikes up Fryman canyon, shopping at The Grove, Lacma art exhibits and margaritas, homemade and otherwise for my margarita loving brother-in-law! One of the things that I am always reminded of when anyone visits L.A. is how many great restaurants there are! Here were a few of our favorites. All my friends who visit make a special request for Don Cucos. Their chips and salsa are addictive and their margaritas pack a serious punch! I personally love the cheesey decor of red vinyl booths and cactus chandeliers!

But now it is back to cooking and eating at home and chaining myself to my desk. Two weeks until my novel revisions are due! The Margaritas have been replaced by lattes, the restaurants by homemade soups and stews, and the company by my characters in my novel. But the good times live in on, and the memories too...and it makes all the hard work that lies ahead, that much more manageable.

If you are around this weekend please support The Barnsdall Art foundation and enjoy a screening of L.A. Story while you are at it!

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lynn said...

i've never heard of don cuco's! will keep my eyes peeled. jealous of the don draper ice cream!!!

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