Talking to a friend of mine today who reminded me that "nobody ever moves as fast as you want them to." This is true. It is also why I have a fridge full of soups and stews and scones! It is good to remember and it is something that I have known for a long time about myself, that I am not good at waiting, and can get restless, and sometimes impatient, and that if I don't keep it in check the impatience can turn into worrying. But what's most important is that I know this about myself and I develop ways of dealing with it. Cooking is definitely one way I deal with it, and having many projects on the go is another. Walking helps too, but I can only walk for so long!

I have another friend who is even more restless than I am and she makes sure that she always has at least 3 projects on the go at all times! I used to think that was nuts, but now I know why. I don't want people to think I am nagging them, and I do know that people are very busy, and I also want to be kind to myself, as this sense of urgency and desire to do, do, do, and get moving on things applies to myself way more than anyone else. It wasn't that long ago that I was beating myself up to my husband about how long I was taking on revising my novel, only to realize that I had only received my notes 9 days before! I wrote my entire novel in two years, and a friend joked that I would write the next one in a year and a half, because I'd want the challenge!

Another friend asked me on facebook if I have ever heard of "taking a break", and I answered that I am better, healthier, and happier, the busier I am. But I think maybe I need to find a way of not letting my restlessness, spill over onto others. I am way better than I used to be, if you can believe it, and I don't want to change my work ethic, it has gotten me where I am, and where I need to be, but maybe I need another creative outlet, that responds to the down times and the waiting times; it's how I originally got into making jewelry, a hobby that 6 years ago turned into a business. But maybe something without my hands, chopping, fussing, beading, typing away at the keyboard. And something outside.

All suggestions are welcome...

In the meantime, I got the go ahead to move from outline to script, and wrote the opening lines for a new novel. Hallelujah!

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lynn said...

only recently have i begun taking on more than one thing at a time - now i have a whole bunch of different projects going at once, knowing pretty well that none will probably ever come to fruition, but the alternative (waiting) is better for me...though it does mean that when things are happening i don't have all my attention on it to enjoy it.

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