Happy Thanksgiving!! This is my second year co-hosting Thanksgiving with my dear friends and neighbors, and I LOVE it! For the first few years that we were in America, Thanksgiving was a bit of a lonely time. Our American friends were often traveling to see their families who lived elsewhere, and although we'd get invited to some friend-of-a-friend's-friend's home for a group gathering, the idea of more people we didn't know although incredibly kind, wasn't all that comforting.

Thankfully our dear friend Frank would visit for his birthday and we would have a day of sightseeing, football (for the guys) and eating take-out from real food daily!

But last year, after having moved into this fabulous building, we decided with our neighbor-friends, that as all of us had family living elsewhere, we would have our own special dinner! It would start with cocktails in one apartment, dinner in another, and dessert in our place. An actual Moveable Feast! Hemingway would be proud.

Now I look forward to Thanksgiving, and there are always new faces at the table! As we don't have any friends visiting this year, Kim came early, and a lot of our friends are traveling, there will be a lot of new faces who are the guests of our co-hosts!

But one thing will remain the same, the spirit of creating a new tradition in a new place and sharing with others who are doing the same.

I have so much to be thankful for! And so much cooking to do...better get on it...May your thanksgiving also be full of love and friendship!


Anna said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy!
Anna & Chris

lynn said...

happy tgiving gina!!!

Anonymous said...

Knowing you, it was a delightful feast! xoBri

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