It's the first of November, although my brain and body are quite convinced that it is December 31st, and are ready to call it a year and take a long nap. Problem is that there are still two more months before that happens...a good thing I know, but with 2 screenplays to tackle, one only half finished, another one still to be outlined, a novel to lock down, another one to begin and a third that begs taking a closer look at, I am tired before I have begun.

This is when I want to hide under the covers with my beloved pups and wave the white flag!! But alas, there will be no white flag waving. Instead I am going to Pomodoro it! Pomodoro is a trademarked technique that essentially breaks down into 25 minute chunks of uninterrupted studying or writing. My friend Robert recommended it and I must say it works. There are lots of other components of the technique, which I kind of do already, but this committed writing time, without ANY distractions, has been so good and inspiring, that it is the only thing that is keeping me from crumbling before the mountain of work in front of me. I am not worrying about page counts, or word counts, I am just clocking in 25 minutes, breaking for 5 going back for another 25, and I am getting it done! And often, I will go over and my 25 minutes will become 45minutes, and I won't even realize it!

It's like exercise, once you get started and really in the groove, you can go longer than you thought. Writing is like a muscle, it needs to be worked out daily whether you feel like it or not. Now if only writing could give me good abs, that would be perfect.

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Unknown said...

hey Gina, great to see the tomato, glad you are finding it effective - my favourite part about it is the breaks! and then the work is the inbetween part, seems easy going back to it

got a little sloppy with it this past week and my writing was sloppy too - seeing this is good inspiration to get back and get focused and contained

one thing I've been finding helpful is the breaking down of activities into pomadoros and predicting how many it'll take to complete a task - can be an extra lil game to play and also a great way to plan the day in the morn

all the best with the writing, way to go on the productivity!

cheers, r.

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