I can see clearly now...

Glasses. Yup! I got them. Well, I had a pair once before, but I didn't actually use them and then I got this really great fancy new Mac monitor, and I just magnified everything by 150%...clever huh?

But then one day, I was printing up my manuscript and several hundred pages later, I started cursing..."Oh no! I printed in the wrong font! I used 9point instead of 12! Stupid, stupid, stupid, what a waste of paper and ink!!" Hearing the commotion, Jeff came into my office and squinted at my manuscript and said, "Nope. That actually is what 12 point looks like." I too squinted closer and realized that he was right. Oops, time for glasses, for both of us.

Thanks to the folks over at Gagosha in Silverlake (recommended by the ever cool J.Lopez) I am now the proud owner of some seriously nerdy-librarian-fabulous frames! Gagosha is brilliant; great styles, excellent advice, patient and knowledgeable employees and frames that are worth the investment.

I have already received some compliments on mine! But best of all, I can read what I am writing...and that is a good thing...even if sometimes the writing... is not.

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