What's your book about?

I have been out of the loop and offline for a few days. A dear friend of mine got married and I had some celebrating to do!

At the wedding reception I met a lot of new people, and each new person who learned that I was a writer, wound up asking me the same thing...What's your book about? It's a very good question, and they are genuinely interested, but it is also one that makes me shudder and declare...I'm terrible at pitching!

Pitching is one of those things that is just contrary to my novel writing brain that loves the complexity of story and characters and doesn't believe that something is ever really about just one thing. But pitching is necessary, because if I can't sum up my book in a few well written sentences, then how can I expect to grab the attention of a reader, who picks up a book and checks out the back of it for 5 seconds before deciding to buy it or not.

Thankfully I rewrote my pitch last week, and this weekend I got a lot of practice. I also tested out my new working title and people really seemed to respond to both. So fingers crossed.

What about you? Do you tell people what you are working on?

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Grand Pooba said...

So what is your book about? Pitch it!

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