Larchmont Florists!

I love Larchmont Village Florists! They are the ones responsible for all the gorgeous flower arrangements that you have seen here on my blog. They are located on Larchmont (hence the name) and are a family run business, and their flowers are gorgeous! Lucky for me, my mom orders from here for all the holidays and special events that we share long distance...they know her as "Your mom from Canada! She's so nice!" Well, they are nice too. They plan my arrangements around what room of my home it will be going in, they remember my favorite flowers and whenever I return a bunch of empty vases and containers at once, they give something in return.

For the holidays and to say thanks...they gifted me with this beautiful wreath. I tried to pay, but they insisted, thanking me, or rather my mom, for being such a loyal customer. Well I wanted to thank them too, and continue to support them, and so in lieu of a tree as we are traveling this year, I bought this for our dining room table. Stunning.

If you are looking for flowers for yourself or someone else, this is the place to do it!
Larchmont Village Florists, 323-464-8146 at 234 N. Larchmont Blvd.

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lynn said...

beautiful! i walk by all the time but rarely stop in, though my husband did once pick me up a bouquet of roses there and they lasted FOREVER!

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