What a week!!

Fall down tired, but great.

This week has been a whirlwind, I can not believe that I haven't posted yet! I thought for sure I had, which just goes to show you how nutty things have been.

For starters, I booked a gig on a tv show and will shoot on Monday, so there was a fitting, and I finished my romantic comedy script and had a great meeting about it and got notes on it, and I have a jewelry order to complete so I have been beading away and I had a great freelance naming job that was due this week as well! In the middle of this wonderful craziness, my car the dirt mobile, has been dying, and yesterday in the middle of an intersection in Beverly Hills, and Wilshire, it died. I managed to hurl my body in the car to lurch it out of the intersection and over to a curb. Unfortunately it was in a red zone, but a police officer came by on his bicycle and pushed me into a better spot. The folks at AAA were awesome and came in a rush, and I got to my meeting 45 min late, but safe and sound. Whew.

Alas, now Jeff and I will be sharing one car, until I am able to make a deal on the car I want. I have been looking for a few weeks, and I am sure that my car knew and punished me! This time I am going to lease a new car. My old car was really old, 16 years old, and it got the nickname dirt mobile because it always had a layer of dust on it and even when it was clean looked dusty because the paint had lost all it's sheen. It also apparently smelled old, and a friend of mine once burst out laughing and said..."This is your car?". Sigh. But she was good to me, until she wasn't, and then she was really expensive to keep fixing.

Two more days until my friends gorgeous wedding this weekend, which will be a wonderful end to a wonderful and hectic week! Gotta get up and keep going until then! Have a great day!

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lynn said...

whew! sounds like A LOT going on. having one car may force you to sloooow down - that's what happened with abe and i this last week when we BOTH got into car accidents....

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