Slowing down...

As you may be able to tell my the gaps in my posts lately I am slowing down. Unfortunately, I still have lots to do but not energy to really get it all done! I have a few more revisions on my novel to make and a second draft of my script to produce for the end of January, and another script to start in January too! It's all great and I am thankful to have projects to return to and to kick off the New Year, but I do notice that my body and mind are definitely kicking into holiday mode.

The only good thing about this, is that everyone else I talk to, is going through it too. The darker days, the endless rain, all make one want to curl up with a good book and just relax.

Thankfully my copy of Pictures of You just arrived!! I have one and Jeff has an electronic one, and so now we don't have to share! And we can join the small army of cheerleaders, including O, Vanity Fair, and People magazine who are raving about this book!

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