Happy Hannukah!!

This year the holidays are all spread out and as my family is originally both Catholic and Jewish, but not particularly religious, although we love all sorts of traditions and beliefs and spirituality, we still try and mark the ones we were raised in. Usually this means an informal gathering of friends and family and lots of food!

Now that I also celebrate American Thanksgiving, and just cooked for 18 people last week, the thought of another big feast kind of tuckered me out. Instead I am going to have a nice dinner with Jeff and light my own homemade menorah. My free form Menorah is really a collection of tea lights, that I am going to add to each day, until I have all 9.

I actually bought a Menorah last year from Target that I loved, but the candles kept leaning into each other and starting a small fire, and as I am already paranoid of unattended candles, I thought my new free form tea light menorah was a much safer bet.

Next year, I might splurge and get this gorgeous menorah from Jonathon Adler, there was a waiting list for it, and having just gotten Christmas presents for all my family (we really do celebrate all of them!), I decided to hold off.

The holidays are definitely here! No matter what you celebrate, may you celebrate it with the ones you love.

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