10 Days to Christmas...7 Days to Hannukah...

I am writing this from the countryside of England where I am visiting family. I had a lovely time in London with my cousins and am having a wonderful time in Oxford with in-laws and in a few days I will be in Paris!! Magnifique!!

I will not be blogging much, as there will be so many things to do and see and eat...and my laptop has decided to sleep a long sleep...but I wanted to check in and say hello and remind everyone that the holidays are just around the corner and I urge you to seriously consider making a donation to Playground, a film that exposes, and aims to end the child sex trade in North America.

My previous post has all the info...and it really is a great gift to give someone and remember no donation is too small.

Thanks to all my friends who have already donated and become fellow "film makers"!!

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