Saturday Shout out for...Caroline Leavitt!!!

Today's shout out goes to the fabulously talented and unbelievably generous author Caroline Leavitt.

Full disclosure: This shout out is completely biased. I adore Caroline. She was my writing teacher at UCLA for a year and a half and I credit her with giving me the courage to call myself a writer and actually finish my debut novel. Caroline did the story edit for my novel "Navel Gazing" and gave me the confidence to approach agents, all of whom have had nothing but high praise for the skill and craftsmanship of my work, skill that I acquired thanks to Caroline's relentless insistence for excellence. She is what every writer hopes for but can not believe exists, an artist, who cares about new writers and the struggles they go through, and has the generosity of spirit to share, guide, and dialogue with writers about their writing and the writing process. And to top it all off she is immensely talented.

When I first read Caroline's essay "High Infedility" I was gobsmacked. Never had I read such powerful and economical prose that cut to the heart of the matter and rendered me speechless. It's no wonder that at the reading of this essay in NYC, producers clamored to her, begging for the rights to the screenplay which she is putting the finishing touches on. Reading Caroline's work for the first time was like one of those moments I have had as an actor when I discovered the work of some ridiculously talented, yet not as widely known artist, such as the Katherine Keeners, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Clive Owen, Mary Louise Parker's of the world, those unbelievably gifted folk who rock every production that they are in and leave you wondering...why haven't I heard of this person before? Why aren't they a household name yet?

Well, for actors they say that an overnight sensation takes 10 years...maybe for authors it's 10 books. I don't know, but Caroline's 9th book "Breathe" will be published by Algonquin press in the new year, and until then you can read her sensational hit "Girls in Trouble" about the emotional mine field that is open adoption. If you haven't already, discover her now, and then pretty soon, like those indie actors who finally get the mainstream recognition, mega publicity and movie deals, you can say..."Oh Caroline Leavitt, sure, I've loved her since..."

To learn more about this brilliant writer and her fabulous accomplishments check out her website at www.carolineleavitt.com or her amazing blog at, www.carolineleavittville.blogspot.com

Happy reading.

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Karin said...

I just started reading this book yesterday. And I'll second the shout out to Caroline. She rocks!

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