New Years Eve...

My New Years resolutions are...oh there are always so many and they are always the same...how do I list them?! Well, let's just say that like every year, I resolve to be better in all areas of my life. Not that I have been bad, just that I want to keep growing and keep moving forward and working hard to make all my dreams a reality and to keep learning and loving with all my heart and to find a way to make all of it a little bit easier and gentler, would be good too.

My New Years wishes for all of us are...health, happiness, love, laughter, peace, prosperity ...and for me personally, the third p...publishing. Yes, I would love to be published, and I would love to find a great agent for my book and a still in business publisher who wants to publish it! It is time to turn those great responses to my book, into great offers! And to keep writing, writing, writing. Oh and I'll take a recurring on a series too, while we are at it, or a giant commercial campaign, so that I can stay at home and write without worry.

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