Back in the U.S.A...Christmas Eve...

We are back from two weeks in Europe and there is so much that I want to write about! We were in London, Oxford, South Moor, and Paris...oh Paris!!! I kept a little notepad of all that we saw and did and my brain, when it was finally over its jet lag, started to have all these great ideas for new writing/filming projects. How could it not? I was surrounded by such history and beauty and culture, starting every morning talking about writing with my cousin and ending every evening with a show, or a symphony or a great night out at a pub. And that was just England. In Paris we stayed in the Latin Quarter across the street from where Hemingway lived and wrote, along with James Joyce and Orson Wells and a host of other wonderful literary heroes.

But now I am back and after being up for twenty five hours straight yesterday...I am tired once more. Go figure. So let me just post a few pics of Jeff and I on our first day on the bridge over the river Thames and soon, I will post great pics and great stories of our travels.

Happy Holidays!!


Caroline said...

Gina, I want a hat like that. No, really, I want a ht like that right now. Where did you get it?

Happy holidays, love, Caroline

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Caroline!!

As for my hat...I love hats, but I have a really small head..it's all hair, and so I have a hard time finding one. But this one I got at Anthropolgie, for $35.00 and it's by a company called Grace Hats...and it fits!

Let me know if you can find it...or if you want me to see if there are any left and I will mail you one!

xo G

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