CSI Miami...

Today, I was an actor...all day long. I got to film an episode of CSI Miami and everyone was great. Really and truly great. The series regulars were friendly and generous, the hair and make-up people were wonderful, the entire crew was jocular and welcoming, and it seemed everyone was happy to be there. And so was I. I didn't step out for lighting or rush back to my trailer between takes...I just wanted to stay on set, present for every moment and soak it up. It's a great epsiode,
full of suspense and it was written by a really nice woman about my age. And to top it all off the director of the episode, was also a director and exec producer of one of my all time favorite shows...The Wire. Let's just say it was pretty great to work on such a well oiled machine and I am so happy that I got the chance to do so.


Caroline said...

This is amazing! When is it going to be on? It sounds like heaven.

Gina Sorell said...

It was wonderful! So great to be back on set, and really great to ENJOY every moment of it. I will e-mail you when I know!


Jessica said...

Congrats Gina! Glad you had such a fun day! Let us know ehrn to look out for you!

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