Brain Drain....

I am trying to do a sugar cleanse, although why, now escapes me. It really escapes me...as in the thought enters my head and floats away into the ether and I am left staring off into space, wondering what it was that I was wondering. Ugh, I need caffeine.

Great friends of mine gave me a health consult with a nutritionist who looked at my diet and suggested, less caffeine, less leaning on the sugar, and less processed soy foods. We had been discussing my cholesterol, which is strangely high for a vegetarian, and which I have been working hard to lower naturally for months now. I was looking for ways to get more nutrients, more mental acuity and more energy out of my diet and he suggested that I first try and clean out for 3 months. I haggled him down to a month and then jacked up from my morning latte, I got him to concede that I do eat really well, and even a week of cleansing and some good supplements would make a big difference. A week. I could do a week, I told him. No problem.

Well...the real test will be, whether or not anything other than avoiding sugar and caffeine gets done this week. Maybe I need my little friends to help me create? What about all those great writers who lived in France like Hemingway and were 2/3 wine and cheese? Okay, I'm not Hemingway, but I am a fan of the grape, and all other fruits and sugar and coffee...and oh no, it's happening again. I might need to move to France.

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