Researching so much my brain hurts!

Time lines are tricky and you can not just make them up! Today I have been researching Africa in the 1940's and 1950's and Canada in the 1980's. I need to know about computers, and cell phones and government records and alliances and wars and who fought who for how long and why. It has been amazing, but my brain is definitely aching and after hours of research I still have to write 3 pages. I couldn't write anymore pages without some basic answers, which hopefully, now I have.

Did you know that the ol' world wibe web wasn't even widely available until long after 1989? Which means that my protagonist is going to have to do her research the plain old fashioned way; digging and driving and asking her questions in person. Poor protagonist. As for me, I never even had to leave my office!

Mmmmmm....that actually might not be a good thing.

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