Back to Business...and Shway Goodness!!

After a thrilling and dizzying week last week, I am back to business! I have spent the morning returning e-mails, chatting with my management, and doing some book keeping. Over the weekend I cleaned out all my closets, and my drawers, all in preparation for de-cluttering my brain, so that I can tackle two huge writing courses that I am doing at UCLA. It is important for me to clear out clutter both physical and mental in order to make room for new ideas to grow and bloom.

And sometimes that requires the help of a professional like my friend Ariel a.k.a. "The Feng Shui Guy". I have raved about Ariel's skills in the past and I continue to do so. He is truly gifted at what he does and his sense of humor and shared passion for chocolate, cheese and wine, only make me love him more!

Ariel is now offering an amazing summer promotion. http://summerpromo.thefengshuiguy.com/

And for those lucky enough to be in NYC this summer...

Check it out and pass it on!

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