When the words won't come...

When the words won't come, I panic. I also rearrange my office, and when that doesn't work, I do it again. Alas, I am now back to my original lay out, and so far, I am liking it. I will do anything to try and stir up some creative goodness. I'll clean my desk, buy fresh flowers and dust my computer. I'll open the window in the hopes of clearing out the stale, and bringing in the fresh air! I will look at all my beautiful talismans, take a deep breath and then wait for the goodness that is a new idea to form in my brain and make it's way slowly to my fingers that are perched at the ready at the keyboard.

And then I will wait some more. This has been a week of waiting and trying and waiting and it is wearing on me. I have a new character to meet that is a real problem for my protagonist, and it seems that both of us, are avoiding meeting him. We are both waiting for the right time and place to make it happen. Waiting....

Alas, at least my office is clean.

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