Tickled pink...and Father's Day!

It's Friday and I am indeed tickled pink! Pink as these gorgeous flowers that arrived on my doorstep last week from my mom.

I have been thinking a lot about the mother/daughter relationship, as it is a focal point of my new novel and I gotta say that I am so lucky that I don't have the kind of relationship that my protagonist has with her mother! I have such creative license in this area, and whenever I think to myself, oh no, that is too horrible, I hear a real life horror story from someone about a relationship with their parents. I am lucky in this regard. I adore my parents and they assure me that the feeling is mutual.

And as this weekend is Fathers Day, I'd like to give a shout out to my amazing Dad, who has not only supported my writing, but has always truly believed it is where my talent lies. Can you imagine, parents who encouraged my acting and writing as a profession? My protagonist should be so lucky. But she's not, and because I am, I get to make up all sorts of heart rendering terrible things for her to deal with, while happily looking at these gorgeous flowers! What fun!

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