Staycation and one night getaways...

Alrighty! I need some help here. I want to know what is your best staycation or overnight getaway? You know when you wanna take a vacation to recharge your batteries but time/budget won't allow for a fabulous getaway? Do you go see an afternoon of movies? Get a massage? Indulge in an afternoon of wandering? Take a daytrip and stay overnight during the week at some great hotel that has a special weekday rate?

When I lived in NYC the staycation was an easy one for me. I would sleep in, have a bagel and cream cheese and coffee in Central Park and spend hours walking around it and sitting on a bench watching the boats and reading my book. Then I would walk all the way down to Soho and look at the galleries, try on handmade hats at my favorite hat store, grab coffee in the village and eat a lunch of Italian sandwiches and pastries, some more wandering, maybe a movie at the Angelika and a cheap dinner of Indian food or a trip back uptown and a stop at my favorite noodle shop for a big bowl of soup and veggie dumplings, followed by a long hot bubble bath a glass of wine and a night of movies.

The best part about all of this was that there was so much to see and do for free, bookstores, galleries, parks, interesting shops, and I had a list of amazing places that were cheap eats with exceptional people watching...and I could walk and walk for hours. But here in L.A. I must do a lot more driving and so when Jeff and I have wanted a getaway we usually have to drive out of town and stay overnight which makes it much more expensive.

So tell me, what do you do when you need a mini vacation? Any great recommendations? I need them.


lynn said...

hey dear,
i'm doing a bunch of these soon before my hubby goes back to work full time so here's my suggestions:

1. apple picking in oak glen (but don't go to homophobic riley's farm)
2. hiking in malibu and going to the self realization fellowship
3. either of the getty's
4. ojai!
5.catalina island (have yet to do this)
6. disneyland

have fun!

Gina Sorell said...

Oh these are great suggestions!! Thank you!!
I have done, 2,3 & 4, am not into Disneyland, but Catalina and apple picking sound fun...and if you haven't tried it, Solvang is great for a day of wine tasting.

And yes, Larchmont soon, e-mail me through my website. It will be great to meet up!

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