Actor Week...and late night writing!

I've been having an actor week. I know it's only Tuesday, but it started around this time last week. The commercial auditions have been picking up and I got a booking, and yesterday I had a great audition for a series that I would love to do. My husband has been acting a lot as well, shooting a movie, and so our down time has been working on lines and prepping each other. All this acting and preparing for auditions takes a lot of time and requires me to leave the apartment much more than I am used to! Although I am not complaining. It is great and I hope that I get more bookings before the year is out. But as I have said before, it makes it harder for me to switch back and forth in my brain, between the acting and the writing and so I have been getting to the page later and later, eating dinner at my desk and writing until it is almost time for bed, and often outside, or with the windows wide open. I sit with Mabel on my lap wrapped in a huge scarf and work by the glow of the computer.

There is something about writing in an environment that mirrors the emotional life of your character. Although my protagonist is in a sunny environment right now, she is going through some really heavy stuff and the cold dark nights are really helping me to tap into that. I am so thankful for the gray skies and the rain which are perfect writing weather.

Although if it gets any colder outside, which it will, I will need to light our Chimeneya for warmth!


lynn said...

have you heard the michael chabon interview on fresh air? i listened to it on a podcast the other day and thought of you....

Gina Sorell said...

I did hear it and I loved it!!

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