Argh...trying to get home for the holidays!!

Oh, I'd love to report that I did some fabulous writing today, but instead I spent the entire day trying to book tickets on points with Air Canada. So frustrating. Jeff, bore the brunt of it; the ticketing agent who booked us on business class, only to put us on hold for an hour and then disconnect us and not actually book the tickets, so that we ended up losing the day and the option of flying business (something I've never done) and making it impossible for us to fly any other way than economy and to stay for a month in T.O. Sigh. After assuring me that there were no points tickets whatsoever, she said I could pay for tickets and stay a month...or I could fly another airline.

So I try American Airlines and discover that for $1700.00 I can visit my family...ouch!! No can do. Back to searching on line, when lo and behold the original dates we wanted to fly become available on Air Canada, in economy, for twice as many points as they should be. Huge sigh.... What can we do. We book it. And it will still cost us, $50.00 per pet each way, plus $200.00 per pet in vet visits, so all in all, we are flying for $600.00...all four of us. Thankfully we were generously gifted with the points so we can do this. But I gotta say it makes me crazy that the airlines make such a big deal of offering points and then gouge you to use them!

At last we are booked...5 hours later.

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lynn said...

airline/holidays - aaaaaaah!!! traveling with pets is such a hassle too....

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