Allergy madness

The winds are howling, the heat keeps coming back and my allergies are kicking in like crazy!! I could barely see straight yesterday as my eyes were so watery and I couldn't stop blowing my nose long enough to have my hands free to type. I was a mess. And then at 4:00 am, I awoke the craziest of headaches...sigh. It's the weather. It can't make up its mind and it is driving me crazy. Alas, I am taking all my natural supplements, as well as Claritin and Advil, in the hopes that I will be able to plough through the day and get some writing done. I submit the end of my novel for class tomorrow and I am nervous. I love/loathe/love my ending. I am back and forth over whether it is satisfactory and whether or not I have gotten the story out as best I wanted. We will see. That is, as long as my eyes don't start watering again.

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lynn said...

this weather is BANANAS. hope there's a happy ending for you ending tomorrow.

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