Friday, and how lip gloss can solve your problems...

It's Friday and I have had a really up and down week. I had to fight really hard for an audition that I am perfect for, have all the credits for, have the demo for...and was turned down! I was depressed, and then was later surprised when I got the audition in the end after all! I didn't get a callback for a huge commercial campaign that I thought I would, but then got put on hold for another and I just found out booked it! I had to go back and rework some freelance work that I thought was done, but then surprised myself when I realized that there was still so much more room for growth and it turned out to be better for the extra effort! I had two awesome super long writing days and got 6 new great pages and then stalled for the next two, so I can only assume if the pattern persists that this weekend will be a great writing weekend that will also turn around for me. I am hopeful.

And I have new lipgloss, and I have to say, never underestimate the power of something so seemingly frivolous to brighten your mood. I keep my new lipgloss on my desk, next to my licorice and all my super pretty talismans. I feel all glamorous and Anna Wintour like, minus the giant Vogue office and salary, and gorgeous NYC locale...but still...Ms.Wintour did offer when pressed to answer what can one buy that is actually designer and under $50.00...lipstick. Or in my case...lipgloss.

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lynn said...

congrats on the booking - and the new lipgloss ;)

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