Commercial Love...

Sorry I am behind on the posting, but it has been a crazy start to the week!

Monday was a marathon of a day, with fittings, a rehearsal, a class, and finally a late dinner with two of my favorite shows, Mad Men and Rubicon. And yesterday I was up at 5:45 and home late, after spending the day shooting a commercial. The shoot was fantastic, the people on it were all fabulous, the twins playing my kids were so delicious, the entire experience was such a great one, that I really enjoyed every minute of it. Such a treat! And I can not wait to see it.

I always tease my husband that novel writing is a really expensive business...it takes so long, and I actually haven't been paid yet, (I need to be published first!) that any and all work helps, and commercial work is especially great.

As always, it is nice to work with people who are all at the top of their game, professional, personable and working their butt off. When that happens, I find everyone brings their best, and it is a joy to be around. A joy and a privilege and I am grateful to have been chosen for the job. I hope that the commercial is a huge success and plays forever! I have a lot of books to write!

Off to NYC tonight, so posting may be sporadic, but I will take lots of pics!

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lynn said...

congrats on the commercial!

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