Carrot ginger dressing...on everything!

I was in NYC recently and wandering around NYU looking for a place to lunch. It was the end of my trip and I needed something healthy, something green, something that didn't have alcohol, butter, or cheese. I was saturated and in need of some clean food, and the cheaper the better as I was starting to already dread getting my credit card statement. And that's when I remembered Dojo, a campus favorite that a friend of mine had taken me to almost twenty years earlier.

It was just where I remembered it, and my favorite item, the carrot ginger dressing, was still on the menu and I ordered it and poured it all over my brown rice and black bean burrito. I could eat that carrot dressing with a spoon, it is so delicious! And as I am a cooking dynamo these days, undaunted by new challenges and equipped with a fine food processor, I began looking for the recipe before we even got on the plane.

I found the recipe on the Parsley Thief, through a google search right when we landed at LAX. There are many variations, but this one looks the closest to what I was looking for. The next morning after laundry and cleaning the apartment, I headed out to buy the ingredients. I was a woman on a mission and my mission was successful! This dressing is spectacular. It is just like the dressing I had at Dojo, and it really is great on veggies, rice, quinoa...everything! This is what I am having at my desk today as I prepare to re-read my whole novel and check out my revisions.

Click on the word recipe for...the recipe!

What will you be eating at your desk today?


lynn said...

when i lived in nyc i ate at dojo's almost weekly. i really miss that carrot ginger dressing! their hijiki tofu was amazing too.

Gina Sorell said...

Oh that hijiki tofu was delicious!!

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