Sitting on it...

I have some wise friends. These friends listened to me hoot and holler about my revisions being done and then told me to sit on them for a few more weeks. I didn't want to sit on them. I was done revising, I was ready to send my manuscript out into the world, I was good to go. I sent my husband my new draft and asked him to read it and he said, uh, yeah, sure, soon. He hasn't read it yet, and I am still waiting. And so is he. He thinks that if he waits some more, there will be more revisions, things that come to me, things that I might suddenly see differently. Two days after sending him my revised version, I sent him another one, with new changes. And today I could send him yet a different version. It seems he is right, there may be more changes coming. My dear friend and mentor, also told me to sit on it, and visit it now and then, and to just take a deep breath and to get serious about my next book as it will take my mind off of things. I love how crazy that once sounded to my writer brain..."Another book will be easier than the waiting?!" But it is. Doing is always better. Working on one thing and waiting on the other. And when that doesn't work...cook.

Today's desk lunch: Pureed Sweet potato soup with steamed kale. Delicious.
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