Paper Plates! A new category!

Alright so, I have added a new category to this blog called Paper Plates, which is all about food and especially what we eat at our desks!

For me writing and cooking are intertwined. Cooking helps me think, the chopping is meditative and methodical, providing me with an order and a rhythm, that my thoughts sometimes lack. I find it calming to make a big pot of soup, to stir it on the stove, just as ideas, and characters stir in my mind, trying to come together in some sort of cohesive form. My time in my kitchen, just down the hall from my office, allows me a break without going to far, or getting too engrossed in something that I won't be able to break myself away from, and return to my writing. And best of all, I can take the fruits of my labor back to my desk and continue working. Writing and cooking, and working and eating...they're the perfect pairings!

I'd love to feature what you eat at your desk! Send me a pic if you can, and tell me about what you eat at your desk, when you're working. Do you have a favorite combo, say sweet foods as a reward for boring book keeping? A go to desk meal? A must have snack or beverage? I know that everyone has to eat and work sometimes, so tell me about it!

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lynn said...

awesome! you know how i feel about food blogging....

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