Bread goodness

Good L.A. day today! I had a commercial audition with my husband, where we got to go in together and "act as husband and wife". This meant we were supposed to be able to finish each others sentences, know each others short hand, and give each other knowing glances. This really was acting. In real life, it is more like we interrupt each other, know when the other is saying one thing and meaning another, and give each other the old "don't you start with me" stare. I kid. I kid. After that, I got my writing assignment done, made the fed ex dead line at the post office and indulged in an amazing sandwich from Larchmont Village Wine Spirits and Cheese. These sandwiches are famous. Everyone says so, and the line up out the door would indicate that it's true. While 4 people work the sandwich counter, another person takes orders over the phone for pick up. There are only six types of sandwiches and my favorite is the buffalo mozzarella with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh tomato and basil on a ciabatta bun. Its delicious...and it comes with sour little gherkins. Yum. I am convinced that what makes these sandwiches so famous is the bread. In spite of all the carb dissing, people still love their bread. They love the way it tastes, they way it fills them up, they way it holds the goodness of their sandwich together in a way that two leaves of lettuce simply can not. Why else would this little wine shop, with very yummy wines, be so busy? In fact when I asked until what time do they serve lunch, the owner answered..."Until the bread runs out." And there you have it.

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