Canada Day...

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with a fellow Canadian whom I've known all but 8 years of my entire life? Today's travels took us on a tour of downtown Los Angeles and all it's gorgeous old buildings that are finding a new lease on life as live work lofts and restaurants. I love going downtown, I find there is something so calming about urban centers. I immediately breathe a little easier and feel a little spring in my step at the sight of skyscrapers and people bustling up and down sidewalks. This is my nature; a sea of people, mountains of concrete, and a sky of glorious architecture. The fact that there are also palm trees in the middle of all this, is just heavenly.


ETP said...


Two minutes, Sorell, for improper use of "it's".

You think you can slack off grammatically just because it's a blog? You will be judged by its grammaticality.

Jus' sayin'.

Gina Sorell said...

Pritchard! You are correct! And what a keen eye you have! That damn apostrophe is my nemesis...and no, there will be no grammar slacking on this blog sir! Or rather...Sir yes sir!
G :)

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