Sweet Sounds of Summer

Leaf blowing, lawn mowing,hammering and sawing, these are the sounds that I have been waking up to for a long, long time now. I never knew that there was so much grass on my street that it required hours of tending to, starting somewhere well before 7:30 am and finishing... well it is still going. When it stops I'll let you know. The thing that drives me crazy is that those polluting little gas leaf blowers are actually illegal within 200 feet of a private residence! And yet it is the private residences that use them, so no one complains. Sigh. The real noise though for the last 8 months or so, is coming from our neighbors renovation next door. I have renovated a house (in 10 weeks!) and I completely understand that projects run over. I am actually totally sympathetic with my neighbors. It is a huge expense, and a huge inconvenience, and when it is all done and their home is lovelier than ever, it will all be worth it! But I am starting to think that it won't be done. Ever. And that the leaf blowing may never stop. And that my next novel just might be about a woman who is driven mad by incessant noise pollution and goes on a rampage...or takes to her blog to moan about it.

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