Have computer will travel...

What on earth did I ever do before wifi and laptops? I mean really! Today I have written and collaborated with friends and colleagues in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and more. I've chatted and e-mailed and sent drafts of work back and forth and operated on a multitude of timezones all while wandering around indoors and out, soaking up the sun, and feasting on sushi. Mmmmm sushi. I know, I know this technology is not new, I am not some luddite...but still, every now and then I am filled with the same amazement that I felt when I got my very first laptop. It was a blueberry colored mac clam shell. It was amazing. Still is. I can not bear to part with it. And to the this day, when my latest gadget fails me due to some technological glitch, I turn it on and marvel that it works. Amazing.


Unknown said...

Oh, so..... oh god! ..so want to be there with you . hope your having a blast , please say hi to your mum,dad, sis and Stuart baby

Gina Sorell said...

Thanks Kathryn! Yes, I am having a blast :)
Now if I could only get on Toronto time, I might have a chance of sleeping more than 5 hours before I am awoken by the sunlight streaming in my window!

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