False Starting...

Oh starting a new project is hard. My heart and brain are still with those characters whom I shared the last 3+ years with. I love them and I miss them and I wish that I could give more life to them...but I wait. I wait, because someone first needs to tell me that they love them enough in this life, and can sell them, before I dare invest any more years in dreaming up futures for them. Alas, I started a new novel, but it has only really gone as far as a few pages, and my heart just isn't in it. And the other novel that lives in me, isn't ready to be born yet. Call me crazy, but I know that it needs more time, more research, more wisdom and age on my part, before I am ready to tackle the epic tale that she is. Yes my novel is female. So, I have instead decided to do something really crazy like write not one but two screenplays that have been rolling around my brain. Screenwriting is stranger to me, and I find the structure foreign. The fact that I can write a novel, but sweat about story acts, makes my screenwriting friends laugh. But I find it a challenge, and the greater the challenge the harder I work. That is why I have decided to write not one, but two treatments by September. I am hoping that this will light a fire in me and spur me on! But first I must finish this book that breaks it all down. And then I need some Thai food.

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