Oregon Casual...

I had an audition today for a commercial campaign. I was told to dress Oregon Casual. What? I've never been to Oregon! A friend said, "Think Vancouver." What does that mean? Fleece?
No. Apparently Oregon Casual...means "Lesbian." Yup. Seems I had missed this new addition to the coded vernacular that is part of the casting world. Categorizing is an inherent part of the casting process. Advertisers are trying to appeal to certain demographics and have spent a lot of time and money on researching exactly who their audience is and who they want to appeal to. When I sign in at a commercial audition, I have to check F for female, C for Caucasian, and -40, for under 40 years of age. There is also A for Asian, AA for African American, and L for Latino. Recently I was let go from a campaign that I was on hold for, because I didn't fit one of these boxes clearly enough. The client wanted to know what exactly my "Ethnic heritage" was? My agent smartly answered, what do you want it to be? But coding seems to be used when it might not be deemed appropriate to say what one really means. Over the years some of my favorite codes have been: "good swimmer," (big breasts), "Manhattan-ite", (Jewish) and "quirky" (not as attractive as the lead)...but now I get to add "Oregon Casual", to the list.

Are there any codes that you use to describe things that you may not feel comfortable enough to say outright?


ETP said...

I remember someone telling me that a mutual friend was "earthy." When I asked what that meant, my friend told me it meant she liked sex.

Sadly, I never investigated whether that was, in fact, the case. Story of my life.

Gina Sorell said...

It's never to late for detective work me dear :)

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