Happy Canada Day!!!

Maple Syrup and Veggie Bacon for everyone!!

Today is Canada Day, and all my Canuck friends have been facebooking holiday cheer, and things that remind us of home. Things like, Tim Horton's coffee and donut shop, which is a franchise that was started by a famous hockey player. Tim's is an institution in Canada. Think of it like a folksy Starbucks where everything is really affordable and the locals go, to order a double double, which is a coffee with double sugar and double cream, and a timbit, or a donut hole.

Funnily enough my first ad campaign was for Tim Horton's expansion into the United States. I shot 6 National commercials for them, did a whack of voice overs and even had a spot named after me, called "Gina Bagel." It was a big deal and it helped me support myself while doing sketch comedy and being paid in beer, and it got me noticed as a gal who could do commercials which is a great way to support yourself as an actor, and even better as a writer!

And now here I am living in the States, working on my first big comedy screenplay that is about of all things...a hockey family! We've come full circle Tim Horton's and I...sigh. May your Canada Day be sweet. As sweet as a timbit.

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