Everything's coming up roses! And a great deal...

I just had to post a picture of these. They were a surprise gift from my husband and they are gorgeous! I was in a cranky mood after spending a lot of effort in the 'hurry up and wait' game that is in our business. Suffice it to say, there was a dire need of my attention on a freelance matter, that took up a lot of my energy only to be met with silence. It happens sometimes. But it happened twice in one week.

But delays happen, and as much as I know that to be a fact, it left me feeling a bit prickly. And a prickly writer is not a happy one to be around. Thankfully the one thing that always cheers me up is flowers! I love flowers and could fill our entire place with them! And thanks to Trader Joe's and Farmers Markets, you can get pretty great deals on them too.

I really love a good deal, in fact, I am one of those people that if you compliment me on something that I am wearing and I got it on sale, I will tell you how little I paid! A friend of mine told me I MUST stop doing this, I must let people think it cost a fortune, but I'd rather let them know how much I saved. For those of you who also love a good deal there are a couple of really great sites that I love. One is www.blackboardeats.com and another is www.livingsocial.com.

Just the other day, I got a 'spend $30.00 and get $60.00' at Lou's Wine bar, and another for Street. Street I adore! And Lou is a place that I have been meaning to go, for a really long time. A good deal, especially at the start of the year after all that holiday shopping is a wonderful thing. It makes me feel even better about rewarding myself after a long week of writing!

Check them out!

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lynn said...

d'oh! i missed the lou's wine bar deal - i meant to get it. please lemme know how the pig candy is!!!

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