Two is better than one!

Everything seems to be coming in two's this year...I was approached and worked up proposals for two naming jobs, I am working on two different scripts and I just handed in book number two for, what I hope are final revisions.

My two white fluffy gorgeous monkeys are following me everywhere, both wanting to always snuggle with me at the same time, I am now doing two dance classes a week, 2 days of pilates, and 2 power walks! It's double the work and double the fun around here!

One of my projects, is the adaptation of a literary work into a screenplay. This is the first time, that I have ever tackled such a project and I am really loving it. Lucky for me and my writing partner on this one (two writers!), have complete license and full blessings from the author to change the original text in any way we like. It is a fascinating way to work; creating something completely new while having a story to draw on when desired, kinda like working from a fictional memory, albeit one that belongs to someone else.

I have to say that I like doing double duty, it keeps both projects fresh, and if I get frustrated or hit a wall, I can switch to the other, and return with new perspective.

Now...double sales, and double rewards....that would be great too!

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charleystar said...

great stuff! looks like the "double one year" is bringing great stuff for you. yeahyeah! xxo

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