Working outside...

I love taking the office outside. Normally tied to my desk, I have been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, by heading over to a local coffee shop. There is something about hitting a cafe early, and finding camaraderie amongst the handful of sleepy headed under caffeinated writers like myself, who wake up with lattes and laptops, dappled sunlight on our faces and the sounds of birds in the background. Early, before the chatter starts, before all the delightful ways of avoiding writing take over, and the day still seems long, the time for writing unlimited, the promise of new and many pages laid out before us.

Writing is something that I need a lot of time to do. I need time around it, in it, and after it. I ease into my writing and then I like to get lost in thought and words and for hours, and when I call it a day, I like the luxury of letting those thoughts and characters linger. The problem is that there is so much to get done in a day these days and my calendar isn't always completely clear to write and do nothing else, and just knowing this makes me anxious. So to make the days seem longer, I am getting up earlier, and it seems to be working. I can't shut the world out and just write all the time, but I can do my best to get there before the rest of the world gets going. And there is something magical about doing that outside. Not to mention, it reminds me to be grateful that this is what my winters now look like!

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