Let there be light!

At last, my office is brightly illuminated and I love it! I ordered this great light on line from Alluminaire, and chose my fabric, my size etc, and am thrilled with the final product. Jeff wasn't so thrilled with how finicky the instructions were as we put it together, but in the end its beauty won us over.

I find I need the light, sunshine, or otherwise to really keep my spirits up and keep me focused on getting my work done. Although nothing is better than an overcast day for writing, I still need to be able to see what it is that I am writing, and my lovely Le Klint craigslist score only went to 60 watts. This baby goes to 150!

I wonder if that means that my productivity will more than double as well...hmmmmmm.


Jess @ Alluminare said...

Hello Gina!

We're so glad to see you are happy with your Alluminare light! We'd love to hear more about Jeff's experience with our instructions, so if he were kind enough to email our support desk, we'll certainly listen and work his comments into planned improvements.

As the pattern coordinator here at Alluminare, I get to see all sorts of delicious patterns. But this one, "Mallory", in the sunny colors you chose just takes my breath away. The designer, Jessica Swift (http://www.jessicaswift.com/), is incredibly talented.

Would you mind if we used your image in a blog post? This picture nicely shows our new floating diffusers, and your design is smashing!

Thank you again for being our customer, and if you ever need anything, we are at your service!

lynn said...

beautiful. i often wonder if a nice lamp above our teeny kitchen table would inspire me to eat there more often.

Gina Sorell said...

Hi Jess,

Thank your for your great comments on my blog and so sorry for the late response! I didn't get notified for some reason and just found your posting. Yes, Jeff will be happy to write you about the instructions and yes, please feel free to use the picture in the blog post. I ADORE the light, and the pattern, as does everyone who comes into this office.

I also posted your comment for all to see, how thoughtful and helpful you are!

Gina Sorell

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